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Skill Enhancement Program

Interactive session on the Digital Marketing Practices – 2019

To all the candidates who wish to enter the multi-million dollar industry of the world’s fastest-growing industry, this program will add benefits and values to the skills of the candidates who really want to make fast money online and stay ahead of the curve.

Eligibility Criteria:

The best part of the digital marketing industry is that it is open for all. Anyone can be a part of the multi-million dollar industry and can earn a very good income from the resources available online.

* Engineering students of any background
* Management professionals
* Business Owners
* Celebrities
* Designers
* Marketing & Sales Professionals
* Finance Professionals
* Doctors
* Architects
* etc

A person from any area who just want to reach out to more people to showcase their skills/products/services can use the digital marketing platform to reach millions of users online. With the digital marketing tools one can reach out to the right audience at the right time and place whenever they want and that too a very low cost. 

Digital Marketing offers a huge array of features to help businesses and individuals attain their business/professional goals with much ease to find the right target audience and finally reaching them with the correct communication & marketing strategies

How to Learn

Digital Marketing has grown to a vast extent in a very short span of time. With the advent of many online marketing tools and companies regularly jumping into the market with their own version of the marketing tools it has become very difficult to decide from where to start and how to proceed ahead in order to gain the best understanding of the subject. 

To ease the problem of a standard path to follow so that you don’t miss the bus and follow the right route to learn digital marketing, V Launch Digital has designed the training program to help all those who really want to either work with enterprises and MNCs or for those who are willing to start their own business/agency and even to those who just want to earn some bucks from the internet fraternity.

what to learn

Digital Marketing Essentials

Digital Marketing carries a lot of different functions all developed by the enterprise software solution companies to help you market and promote your products or services. The entire digital marketing is divided into sections and platforms that offer a whole different set of functions to be performed by them. Below are some of the module that makes up the complete digital marketing environment to work upon. Although below are just the names, but they contain a lot of tools and functions to be performed while doing digital marketing for your products/services.

web design & development

A website is the most essential part of your marketing strategy. Almost more than 90% of users search online for the choice of their products and services and then weblinks are the very first thing that appears online carrying right and relevant information.

SEarch engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process by which a website wins over the competitors and move ahead to find its place on the most prominent search results. The higher the page rank, more prominent the place of the website would be.

Social media marketing

Social Media is a very good resource to generate high-quality leads and reach out to the masses in a number of ways with much ease. Social media marketing offers custom reach to the target audience in a limited budget and free at times.

Google paid ads

Google paid ads offers a wide range of services and targeting options to reach your target audience based on different payment models like CPC (cost per click), CPM, CPV, CPA etc. An advertiser pays to google to promote his/her business over the search engine based on the keywords and interest of the audience. 

email marketing

Email Marketing is widely used by businesses to reach out to the customers directly with a lot of tricks being used in the communication messages. This is still a high choice of marketers as it reaches directly to the users a business owner chooses to target.  It is easy to use and have better targeting capability.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing offers high reach as according to a study it has been observed that users spend more time on mobile phones rather than PC/Laptops. Since it offers huge propagation and open visibility to your content, most of the businesses choose to reach their target customers through mobile phones


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V Launch Digital – Academy

Learn the best digital marketing tools and tricks from the industry experts having years of experience in the digital marketing industry. The founder of V Launch Digital has worked with big names in the industry like: Cognizant, Leo Burnett, India Bulls and Google. After 8 years of working in the industry at various levels, V Launch Digital finally came into existence and has served more than 20 clients worldwide and have consulted around 150+ students and professionals. Come and be a part of the Digital Marketing Industry and start making tons of money online.


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