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Department of Computer Applications (MCA) - Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology - KIET


First ever National Level Project Competition – KARMANA

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Project Competition

Registration Fee : Rs 600/- Per Team

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LAN Gaming

Registration Fee : Rs 100/- Per Person

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Online Quiz

Registration Fee : Rs 100/- Per Person

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Project Competition Rules

1.    For Project competition , there will be 4 categories namely

  • Web Designing
  • Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • Internet Of Things(IoT)
  • Android Apps
  • Application Programs (C/C++/Java/etc..)

2.   You can register for more than one Project.

3.   Team participation per project is up to 4 students (max.)

4.    The projects will be presented before the panel of judges.

5.    Each participating team will be allotted total time duration of 10 minutes for their presentation.

6.   The project can be presented by any member of the team. 

7.   Structure of program can be changed without any intimation.

Lan Gaming Rules

1.    Student ID card is compulsory for every player.
2.   Participants shall bring their own head phones.
3.    The decision of the referee will be final and binding, failing which the he/she may be disqualified.
4.    Only Individual is allowed to play (No team).
5.   Multiple entries from one college are allowed.
6.    No foul language is allowed while playing.
7.   Use of any unfair means whatsoever shall result in disqualification.
8.    The participants should not mishandle the PCs and consoles. Any damage caused to them will be borne by you.
9.    The server machine crashes/freezes/etc. causing the match server to stop responding Solution An administrator will restart the server, stop the tournament clock, and play will continue from the point of disruption.
10.    The Administrators reserve the right to modify the rules as needed. 

11.   Structure of program can be changed without any intimation.

Online Quiz Rules

1.    Two members will be allowed in one team.
2.    Quiz will contain the question from C Programming, Java (Core), Data Structure, and OOP’s Concepts.
3.    Quiz test will be conducted on Moodle Platform. 
4.    Quiz will contain 30 questions within 30 minutes. Question will be MCQ.
5.    No Internet facility will be allowed. Any use of unfair means may lead to disqualification. 
6.    Teams may not seek hints and/or ask for leads during the contest. 
7.    The Contest Committee will tally the scores for each team and publish a complete list. 
8.    First 3 teams with the highest scores will be declared as winners.
9.    The Contest Committee’s decision in all matters is final. 

10.   Structure of program can be changed without any intimation.

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